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Skeptics Ask These:

Call the Doktah

You guys seem to be totally blowing smoke here. What do you actually DO?

We figure out how to get the people that influence your business’ buyers to give you some stage time to validate your skills, raise your status in your vertical, and strengthen your ability to influence the outcome of deals.

That usually means we contact several highly-targeted business influencers on your behalf every week, using highly customized (voodoo) messaging to capture their attention AND convince them to cough up a placement.


What is a placement?

Any opportunity wholly generated by Voodoo Influence which is likely to raise your status or strengthen your influence. It’s a voodoo-blend of podcasts, panels, workshops, virtual conferences, expert roundups. thought leadership articles, and bespoke 1-to-1 matchmaking.

If you are looking to get showcased on other people’s platforms, a placement could be a booked podcast interview for an ‘expert roundup’ blog post. If you are open to showcasing influencers, a placement could include having someone who’s a bigger deal than you agreeing to a webinar appearance.


Why this obsession with voodoo?

The building and brokering of influence is highly irrational. Shamans in America thousands of years ago did not know WHY willow bark tea would cure a headache, but with observation, experimentation and human intuition they discovered the connection and solved the problem.

In modern terms in our real-world experience, it makes ZERO sense how a video interview placement that is seen by 585 people yielded $12,323 in new business, yet a press piece in Bloomberg seen by 100,000 people yielded nothing. Yet, when properly timed and targeted, these points of leverage can create huge gains in your business.

I could probably muster up dozens of studies covering behavioral economics, sociological trends, business theory and logical fallacies to explain some of this — but that would be a raging case of confirmation bias, that I think we all could do without.


But seriously, what will this get me?

More influence and status. People that SHOULD care about you and your business, WILL care enough to take a call from you (or buy from you when they see you are actually a legit bad-ass of business). If you want to look at metrics, you’ve come to the wrong place. Closest measurement you’ll find in your analytics dashboard is new, high quality “Referral” traffic, but we’ve seen the most direct revenue bumps in the existing sales opportunities.

If a dream client is considering three med-tech consultants, and see your expertise has been validated on 2 niche-established podcasts and a trade journal’s recent Expert Roundup, you’ll likely win that gig.


What if this sounds suspiciously like PR to me?

PR and media placements can be bought and sold. Influence must be earned, and live interviews boost your credibility. Influence building work tends to have an amplifying effect on traditional PR. 

Some of our clients have ‘graduated out’ of our program to get a publicist or a PR team to get them in the big media outlets. Most of our clients are in industries that can be better navigated with the type of status and influence building we offer. 


How is a little podcast going to make me a big deal?

Influence is about leverage. A small podcast that is listened to by 284 CFO’s every month is worth more than a large podcast listened to by 28,000 wannapreneurs. Also, podcast hosts are influencers themselves, and boast black books that typically overshadow their audience demographics.

This is a ladder, one rung at a time, as we proceed we’ll help you make incremental gains in your level of status, and strength of influence.


How long does it take for the Voodoo to ‘take effect’ ?

Weeks, months and years. Our team works hard to combine and blend the placements to give you short-, mid- and long-term growth in status and influence. If you are looking for immediate traffic and attention, you should look into paid ads.

Voodoo Influence is designed to elevate you above your competition, shine a spotlight on your actual talents in business, and validate your expertise in the circles that should care.


How much do influencer’s typically charge?

The business influencers we connect our clients with do NOT charge anything. This isn’t the land of 15-minutes of insta-fame, but a method to give you lasting gains. We’ve got other people that do the paid influence work via Email Ecommerce, but that’s not likely why you are here right now.


How much traffic will I get with each placement?

We don’t know. Most placements will come with a juicy back-link (if you’re into that kind of thing). Traffic varies from 100 to 100,000, but the targeting of your placements is where the Voodoo happens, NOT the volume.


What if I’ve never done anything like this before?

We prep all of our clients with and info on the interviewer/influencer, ideal conversation topics and some prep guidelines to make the experience more natural. All of our packages also include an individual “Electronic Press Kit” – bio variants, headshots etc.

When working with a newcomer to business / influencer interviews, we tend to frontload some smaller appearances to give you an opportunity at low-threat reps.


What if I don’t like the way you “sell” me to influencers?

Then we will banish you from the Voodoo Hut for eternity. Seriously though, our approach is unconventional (and effective), but it is not for everyone. More often than not, we can figure out if we can sync up during the ‘interrogation’ session.


What if I don’t want to be publicly associated with you weirdos ?

That’s fine. We’ll put on a {insert company/brand name} mask when pitching you to influencers. And you won’t notice any clients listed on our website, just the outcomes of our Voodoo. Discretion is the voodoo way.


Am I committing to interviewing with every influence you place me with?

No, you can pass on a particular interview if something rubs you the wrong way, and our team will adjust our targeting accordingly. However, that booking will still count as a “placement”. This is a rare occurrence since our vetting process is so rigorous.


How much time do I need to invest in this?

Roughly 2 hours for initial strategy & revision calls, and +- 2 hours per each placement (preparation, interview, post-call stuff).


What if there aren't any/enough podcasts or publications in my niche?

Fear not. Influence doesn’t flow in straight lines. It is irrational voodoo. In really narrow niches we target cross-sections of the industry for maximum status impact.


What happens if I don’t get Six placements in NinEty Days?

We’ll continue running campaigns – at zero cost to you – until the mark is hit. To date, our team has never missed that mark, but we are Voodoo Makers NOT Fortune Tellers!


What happens after I get my guaranteed placements?

We’ll continue running campaigns until we hit the 90-Day mark. Our personal record to-date is 19 placements in 90-days so we’ll always be looking to beat that.


Why do you stop at Ninety Days?

Rule of thumb – the higher up the ladder an influencer sits, the further out they schedule conversations/interviews/events. If we hook you up with 8-placements, 5 of them may not even happen until Month 5 or 6. We need to see what flavors and combinations of influence work will generate the most positive outcomes in real life.


What am I supposed to do when the program is done?

That depends.


  • If the first round of placements goes really well, you can go onto a custom month-to-month package so we can ride the wave, or tackle bigger targets.
  • If you want to pull the Voodoo in-house, we can transfer ALL assets to you (+$285) and train ($85/hr no minimum) you or someone on your staff to continue the approach that we found most effective.
  • If you’ve become intoxicated by all the attention, we can refer you to one of our PR partners to take you to the next level.

What If I’ve already been interviewed by some people?

 Awesome. We’ll adjust our targeting to move higher up the ladder in that space, and leverage those previous wins in other verticals. 

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